What to do with a Gummy Smile?

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Having a gummy smile can be a subjective diagnosis. When you identify gingival display as a problem, your restorative dentist can determine its etiology before suggesting a treatment option.

Gummy smile can cause an adverse effect on the aesthetics part of your smile. But it can be corrected.

But let’s first discuss what its causes are.

One of the causes of a gummy smile is an abnormal eruption of your teeth. They can cover the excessive gum tissue causing your teeth to appear short, despite them having the proper length.

Another reason is that the muscle controlling upper lip movement is hyperactive. As a result, your upper lip rises higher than normal.

Is it an aesthetic problem?

A gummy smile can be an aesthetic problem. However, it can also be something more. Your dentist will assess your lips’ shape and size and your facial muscles. He/she will also evaluate your gum tissue.

An optimal smile appearance should have the least amount of gum tissue. When you have an excessive gingival display, your smile will feel unattractive resulting in you feeling reluctant to smile.

What treatments are available?

To determine whether or not you have a gummy smile, you should visit your dentist for proper evaluation. At your dentist’s clinic, your doctor will examine your teeth, gums and mouth to know the extent of the excessive display of your gums.

The examination will involve digital impressions and conventional tests of your teeth and gums. Now, if you’re indeed suffering from this problem, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon, orthodontist or a periodontist.

In minor cases, a gummy smile can be alleviated through a same-day laser treatment. Your dentist may also perform surgical lip repositioning or move the teeth into desirable position. Surgical sculpting may also be recommended. In this procedure, your dentist will sculpt your gingival tissue and bone. Doing so will create attractive looking gum.

What to do with a Gummy Smile

Crown lengthening is also a possible treatment. It corrects the appearance of your gummy smile. In this procedure, a periodontist will get rid of the extra gum tissue to expose more of your tooth’s surface. Sculpting can be done on one or more teeth. In this way, it can create an even gum line. As a result, you can have a more natural looking smile.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for a gummy smile procedure, visit Dr. Farnoosh clinic at 8920 Wilshire Boulevard #517 Beverly Hills, CA. Or you can contact him at (310) 657-0503

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