Preventing Bone Jaw Shrinkage through Dental Implants

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More and more patients opt to have dental implants as an alternative to dentures. They can be a permanent solution for your missing teeth. Dental implants can improve your smile and overall function of your teeth as they make it easier for you to chew or consume food. In addition to these obvious benefits, dental implants can offer other advantages, including preventing your bone jaw to shrink.

Losing a tooth causes your jawbone that supports that tooth to shrink away. One of the best ways to avoid it is by preventing tooth loss. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when you lose one or more teeth for a very long time that your jawbone begins to shrink.

By having dental implants after tooth extraction, you can make sure that your jawbones don’t wear down with time.

Can dentures cause jawbone to shrink?

Yes, they can if they don’t fit properly. Having a wrong bite can cause some changes in your jaw joint resulting in a headache, neck pain, and others. Human jaws weren’t designed to support dentures. With an ill-fitting denture, it can destroy jawbone as it embeds into the lower jaw as time passes.

If you choose to have dental implants after tooth extraction, it’s vital that you decide sooner rather than later. That’s because what you don’t use, you’ll lose it later.

Also, dental implants need sufficient bone to support the implant. The good thing is that the bone can be rebuilt through bone grafting.

Can jawbone be corrected?

Jawbone shrinkage can be corrected through a reconstructive periodontal surgery. A jaw surgery is only performed by an oral surgeon who cuts in your jawbones and moves them to the proper position. It takes place in a hospital or your doctor’s office, depending on your case. It takes up to six weeks to completely recover.

Preventing Bone Jaw Shrinkage through Dental Implants

Other benefits of dental implants

Apart from preventing jawbone shrinkage, dental implants can also prevent your teeth from shifting. When you lose a tooth, there will be gaps. Once dental implants are installed, they keep your natural teeth in place. You can enjoy having a beautiful smile.

If you have lost your teeth and you don’t want to experience your jawbone to shrink, you have to visit your dentist’s office soon. In this way, this problem can be mitigated as early as possible. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a well-known celebrity dentist who can ensure that you will never suffer from such issue.

Call his dental office today to schedule an appointment.

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