Considering Dental Implants? Dentist Luzern Can Help

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If you’ve met with a doctor at the Zahnarzt Luzern Clinodent office, you may have received the news that you need dental implants. Yet, you may be wondering more about what dental implants are. Dental implants can be a good alternative for something like dentures or a dental bridge. Dentist Luzern uses a dental implant as an artificial replacement for tooth or replacing a natural tooth. Dental implants offer stability and comfort that you wouldn’t find in dentures. It also allows you to chew your food comfortably and can even improve your facial structure.

To explain further, a dental implant is a manufactured anchor that looks very similar to screws or cylinders. They can be used in the upper or lower jaws and they are surgically placed in the jawbone. They create a stable base for the replacement of a tooth. The implant then becomes the root of the root and a faux tooth is placed upon it. It will appear as natural as the rest of your teeth. You may be thinking, why not dentures instead? Dental implants have much less maintenance than dentures require. You don’t have to take an implant out to soak and clean overnight. You also won’t need adhesive bonding creams or gels and it won’t need to anchor to your existing teeth to stay in place.

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Implant surgery, however, is quite a long process that is performed in the comfort of your dentist office. It takes three steps, the first being that your dentist will surgically place the implant into your jawbone. Then you will have to have it covered for up to six months while the bone develops around the implant, allowing it to stay in place. After you jawbone has had time to heal, the dentist then will uncover the area and attach an extension. The gum tissue around that extension will then need a few months to heal. Following that, the third stage means the implant is finally used to play as a post of a faux tooth. All three stages can take a total of nine months depending on how fast you heal.

As a good candidate of a dental implant, you have to have good bone structure and healthy gums. Implants can be less successful for people who smoke, grind their teeth, the clench of have diabetes. It’s also not a great option for patients with a history of radiation treatment, osteoporosis or has bone loss in the jaw. Understanding how the dental implant process works can go a long way in making you feel confident and safe about the procedure. Dentist Luzern have years of experience in the practice and can give you the best knowledge and care in regards to your oral health. If you have any questions regarding making an appointment you can call them at 041 420 90 80 or schedule your request your next appointment via their website. They look forward to helping you down the path towards your best oral health.

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