Can Heating and AC Repair Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Indoor air pollution gets worse in the hotter months. If you’re exposed to polluted air at home, you and your family are vulnerable to a range of health issues, like respiratory problems, eye irritation, headache, and heart disease. To help improve the indoor air quality of your home, consider heating and air conditioning repair in Los Angeles

Ways Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles Can Improve Indoor Air Quality 

Replace Clogged Air filters 

Many things can go wrong with clogged air filters. But the most important part is when the filter can no longer trap harmful particles from circulating back to the air. Changing air filters is necessary to prevent them from clogging. A dirty air filter can be filled with dust, pollen, and debris that can restrict airflow. It doesn’t only increase your utility bills but your system will also work harder to cool down or warm up your home. 

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