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Even if you are not an ace at DIY, it is easy to detect a few simple malfunctions. If the air conditioning no longer works at all, it may be an electrical problem. It is necessary to check on the electrical panel whether the corresponding fuse has not broken. If this is the case, it must be changed. Another common breakdown and… very vexing: the batteries in the remote control! If you press and nothing happens after changing the batteries, it’s more serious.

Still, other breakdowns that you can handle! If you notice that the outdoor unit is leaking and water is running down the wall, the condensate tank is full or the pipe is clogged. This troubleshooting is easy and consists of emptying the bin or uncorking the pipe. If the air conditioning works but makes a strange noise, it is necessary to turn it off so that the engine cools down. Let it pass for a quarter of an hour and then open the unit to dust each filter with a vacuum cleaner. If they are dirty and plastic, it is recommended to contact Ac Repair Glendale, they will wash them with dishwashing product and water.

Air conditioning breakdowns that require the service of a repairman, when you have reread the instructions for your air conditioning and you have eliminated the “small breakdowns”, it is time to contact professionals, for quotes online or by phone. Before that, take the maintenance booklet with you. This is an opportunity to check if your air conditioning is still under warranty. Have you noticed that it is after an hour that the engine makes noise? That the reversible air conditioning leak? The more accurate the information, the faster the refrigeration technician finds the solution!

Prices depend on the type of air conditioning repair, Here are some price elements regarding the repair of your air conditioning. These prices relate only to the price of the parts to be replaced. Then you have to add the price of labor and travel expenses. Regardless of the type of repair, it is important to request several quotes from different companies near you like Furnace Service Burbank CA. Receive job offers online, it’s more convenient!

Troubleshooting quotes for individuals can be variable. But the price of a part of the system, such as the compressor or the filter, for a specific brand and a particular model, must be similar from one offer to another. It’s a check to do. The price of the parts is added to the travel costs as well as the hourly rate of the professional. But don’t worry it won’t be too much high, it will be pocket friendly for each intervention, in your home. The maintenance contract for an air conditioning system will include the annual maintenance as well as the guarantee of the job done.

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