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There are many technicians who with their sweet words can sell ice to Eskimos. So how would you be in a position to identify the genuine repairers from schemers who solo purpose to make money? It is very disappointing to for your appliance to break down within a week after service. The only possible conclusion is that the person you entrusted to carry out the job was not qualified enough to carry out the service. Here are factors that can help you choose a reliable serviceman who will carry out a long lasting job.

  1. A reliable technician will have a permanent office complete with a working telephone number, physical address and probably a decent website. This is the number one factor that you should look for in deciding the credibility of the company. The company’s website should be up to date and depicting signs of professionalism. It should have a comment and review least section where clients have posted their opinion about the company services. All the contacts provided should be working.
  2. The company should have a client list. The company should have build a good reputation and created a name for themselves. It should have a list of corporate references such as hotels, offices, residential and other commercial offices that they serve. It should have success stories which they boast of when selling out their services.
  3. Some scenarios such as your refrigerator breaking down when you have lots of foods can have devastating effects. Your service company should promise emergency hours service. You do not need to call them only to be told that you have to wait till morning so that that you can have your fridge checked. It should have a quick response to address such occurrences.
  4. Experience is another factor that matters a lot. A business that has been in operation for some time is by default expected to have a better understanding of the various appliances that you could be having at your office or residential place. Hence you will be sure that the person you give out your money to is not getting first time experience on you appliance.
  5. The service company should charge reasonable prices and even ahs special offers to its esteem clients. You should be free to ask the charges before you agree to engage them. It is also a good practice to view catalogues of different companies and compare their pricing. However, be cautious when choosing the company based on the pricing since some may be chasing too low to attract clients only to carry out a shoddy job.
  6. Finally, a credible company should have the right certification from all the relevant authorities and governing bodies.

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If the technician passes the above criteria, it won’t harm is if you engage them in to see how they understand the job. He should have direct answers to simple questions that you ask concerning the job. Be aware that you are the boss and that the job should be one to your satisfaction before you give out your money!!






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