The Necessity of Obtaining a Car Accident Report

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A car accident report is a piece of evidence to prove someone’s liability in a car accident. It’s one reason a PI attorney in NYC will recommend obtaining one after the crash. Unfortunately, this report can only be obtained if the police are called to the scene where the collision happened. The police can create a report about what happened. However, if both parties choose not to report the collision, then a car accident report can’t be obtained. 

Who Will Obtain the Report? Is it the PI Attorney in NYC

The easiest way to obtain a cash report is to hire a PI attorney. After all, the claimant must seek a lawyer’s counsel to help in filing a claim against the at-fault party. When the claimant decides to hire an attorney for this case, the lawyer will obtain the crash report. 

Deal with Insurance 

When filing a claim to an insurance company after a car crash, a car accident report is necessary. The report will help in providing the insurance adjusters the necessary information about the accident. The report will be useful if the injuries didn’t arise until later or when the damage to the car wasn’t visible until later. 

Claims Process

The report will also facilitate the claims process. It gives the PI lawyer the necessary details before filing a claim. The details can help in getting a quicker settlement. This report is also necessary for the lawyer to file a claim against the adjuster in a small claims court. 

Proving Who is at Fault 

The crash report can also be proven useful as it can be used as hard evidence. The report will include the identity of the people who witnessed the accident or who were at the scene. The PI lawyer can contact the witnesses to prove who is at fault in the accident. And because the trained officer has assessed the scene, he/she may have categorized who is Driver 1 (at fault) and Driver 2. 

A Hearsay 

In some cases, the crash report may not be considered evidence. The reason for this is that it’s an unsworn statement made out of a courtroom. The other party may argue that the individual who assessed the situation does not know how to describe the scene. Then again, if the claimant will file a case in a small claims court, this report is considered evidence. It’s admissible. 

Generally, this report is vital because it includes hard facts about the accident. It also has information about the parties involved in the accident, the car information, and the liability issues. It’s proven useful in settlements but not if the case goes to trial. 

Manage the Issue with an Attorney 

No matter what the situation is when it comes to filing a claim, it’s always best to have a PI attorney in NYC working and advising the claimant. The lawyer will go through every step to ensure that the claimant will get the compensation that he/she deserves. To hire a lawyer for any case, call 1-800-660-2264

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