Personal Injury Attorney to Help with Accidents in Summer and Beyond

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Were you or someone you love injured in an accident? Have you been looking for a personal injury attorney but none of them felt like they were a good fit for you? Here at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff, we fight for every client as if they were a member of our own family. We represent our clients the way we would like to be represented. Legal representation is not finished, in our mind, until the moment our clients are satisfied. So, that means we don’t just get you a “quick settlement” simply to get you a settlement or anything of that nature. Rather, our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve, a truly outstanding result. 

Bicycle Accidents and Finding Who’s Responsible 

Summer in New York is the perfect time for bicycling, whether you’ve been doing it for years or are just picking it up. A fantastic mode of transportation that makes for effective exercise, bicycling in NYC is a way of life for so many people. Unfortunately, reckless and/or negligent motorists too often strike cyclists, causing injuries. We can use our experience as well as our resources to find who’s responsible. That’s true whether you were injured on your bicycle or one you rode from a bike share. 

Boating Injuries 

Boating is a great way to spend time with friends and family in the summer. Warm breeze, cool water, and more – it can be so much fun. Unfortunately, boating accidents can be very serious matters indeed. All too often, these are the kinds of injuries that keep folks from being able to go back to work at any time soon. Over the near-century that our firm has been around, we’ve helped so many folks who were injured in boating accidents to get the kind of compensation they deserved for their injuries. 

Representing Those Who are Injured When They’re Out and About 

With the weather warming up and so many people having been vaccinated, more folks are out walking the stress than ever before. This can be exciting, but it can also lead to plenty of pedestrian and interaction injuries. Drivers sometimes fail to stop at red lights, stop signs, intersections, they can hop the curve, and take so many other reckless, negligent actions that can harm folks who are just out on a nice day. If that happened to you or someone you care about, we can help. 

A Personal Injury Attorney for You 

The above are just a few of the different kinds of personal injury cases that we handle. Slip and fall accidents, an accident at a construction site, in a taxi, or anywhere else – if you’re injured through the actions of someone else, you shouldn’t have to pay for your recovery. That’s where we can come in. We can represent you aggressively, drawing upon our experience to get you the outcome you and yours deserve. To schedule a free consultation with us, just call (800) 660-2264.

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