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Do you want to get a piercing in Tempe, AZ? but want to make sure it’s right for you? Does it feel like you know what piercing you’ll get but nothing you’ve seen online really jumps out at you? Best Studios Ever believes that, when it comes to your body and your art, you should never have to settle. Indeed, that’s part of why Best Studios Ever named their company “Best Studios Ever.” You’ll note it’s not “Some of the Best Studios Ever,” or “Best Studios Most of the Time.” No, they take pride in what they do and what they offer. There are several reasons that, when it comes to piercings in the Tempe, AZ area, they really are the best studios ever. 

Your Piercings in Tempe , AZ and the Surrounding Area 

Best Studios Ever have provided tattoos and piercings for a long time. That means quite a bit, not the least of which is that they have an extensive catalog of items on-site. So often, folks go with a clear idea of what they want, only to see what Best Studios Ever has to offer, and then they add something else they find there. Mask wearing is mandatory, but they do have walk-in hours available. With those, you can swing by, see what’s new, and talk to their professionals about what could be the right fit for you. 

Experienced Professionals 

Speaking of their professionals, they only hire the very best. Best Studios Ever knows that a piercer is as much of an artisan as they are a craftsperson. So, they only bring on those who meet the highest standard: their own. Choosing the right piercer can be an important relationship. To that end, they have their piercers’ schedules available on their site. That way, you can talk to them ahead of time, find which one feels like the best fit, and then book an appointment. 

What to Know About Us 

Best Studios Ever pierces those who are eight years old and older. While they still implement many of our COVID-19 protocols (such as wearing a mask and so forth) you are more than welcome to bring a friend with you. They understand that you have plenty of options when it comes to piercers, so Best Studios Ever makes sure to offer the best services at the right prices. Best Studios Ever piercing fee is $30 for one piercing, and then $10 for each piercing after that. Genital piercings are $45 and jewelry is an additional cost. They can work with you to find the absolute best look for you. 

Your Best Piercings are in Tempe, AZ

The last year has shown us that there are plenty of activities that can be done virtually and online. Piercings are not one of them. So, to that end, Best Studios Ever have a schedule that can accommodate most folks’ busy lifestyles. Best Studios Ever is open from Sunday through Wednesday from noon to eight PM and from Thursday to Saturday from noon to 10 PM. If you’re looking for the right piercing for your needs, you can check out Best Studios Ever site or call us at (480) 784-4460. 

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