Buying Your First Set of DJ Equipment

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As a DJ, you should be behind the turntables to control the dance floor. It’s an exciting challenge. If you’re just starting out as a DJ, you might find it overwhelming to know the different gears and choices available.

Conventional Vinyl

Obtaining two direct-drive turntables is a basic DJ setup. It involves two record players that simultaneously play one song while you beat-match another. Simultaneous turntables are vital as it can be difficult to pull off on vinyl.

There are several good starter turntables that you can find online. Some are cheap while others are quite expensive. You can have a turntable that comes with a USB input. With this feature, you can have a digital-analog interface.

A belt-drive turntable isn’t recommended when playing outside your house. Instead, choose to have a direct-drive motor attached to the plate. It’s more ideal for professional DJs.


You may also need a pre-amp to enhance the sound. Some record players available today have already built-in pre-amps. However, make sure that your player has one. Before purchasing a turntable, you should determine whether or not you will need to have a pre-amp to go with it.

Having a pre-amp can improve the quality of the sound you’re getting. You need to give your audience a good quality sound so they’ll dance to your music.


Another thing you might want to consider is an entry-level mixer. Connecting it with two turntables is great. The mixer allows fading between two channels. You can also adjust the volume and other necessary changes.

Should you invest on speaker?

Having your own speaker can offer significant advantages. That is if you wish to be truly independent. It makes you a traveling party machine. A good pair of speakers can cost around $100. Or it could go beyond that.

Before getting one, you should know the size of the room that you would frequently be playing. You should not risk your music playing through a non-reliable home entertainment sound system. Make sure that the speakers you wish to obtain could give you a great sound.

Buying Your First Set of DJ Equipment

DJ software

You may also want to consider having a DJ software that enables you to do everything that a traditional DJ equipment can’t.


It’s ideal that you make a backup copy of your tunes and ensure that you can carry it around, just in case you’ll experience a hardware or computer malfunction.

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