Why is Commercial Painting in Hollywood So Inexpensive?

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The short answer is that Hollywood is struggling quite a bit due to its state laws that have really punished businesses and driven them out of state. The smaller companies have been left behind to pick up the pieces, and as a result, they are fighting over clients and customers. Where commercial painting in Hollywood used to have waiting lists, we are now seeing painting companies falling over themselves to offer discounts and cheap services to businesses. If you are lucky enough to have a business that has survived local state laws and the drop in sales during the 2020-2022 pandemic lockdowns, then finding a cheap and affordable painting company should be easy.

Is Commercial Painting That Inexpensive?

If you scratch the surface a little, you will see how far prices have dropped. Check out a few websites, and you will see the regular standard prices, but get in touch and get a quote, and you start seeing how prices have fallen.

Do your best to get quotes from other painting companies to show to the people you are talking to right now. In short, play the painting companies off against each other to negotiate a lower quote. Just beware of getting a quote from poor-quality companies because their quotes are pretty meaningless. For example, a quote from “Paint House Inc” looks far better than a quote from “Jessie’s Tin Can Paint Service.”

Read more about commercial painting in Hollywood at Just Right Painting.

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