What Type of USCG Documentation Do You Need for Commercial Fishing?

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Are you just starting out with your commercial fishing enterprise and want to make certain that you have all of the documentation you need? Did you recently branch out into fishing in a new area or for a new species and are worried that you may not be in compliance with the powers that be? At the Commercial Fishing Permits Center, we help commercial fishing professionals from all walks of life to have the permits, licenses, and forms they need. One of the most common that we assist with: USCG documentation

The USCG Documentation Required for Commercial Fishing 

If you’re going to be engaged in commercial fishing operations on the navigable waters of the United States or in the Exclusive Economic Zone, and your vessel measures at least five net tons in volume, then you’re going to need the United States Coast Guard documentation for your vessel. This is not something that you “may want to” have, rather, it’s something that you’re going to need to have. We offer easy access to this right on our home page. 

Read more about USCG documentation at Commercial Fishing Permits Center.

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