Understanding the Term “Paper Converting”

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Only a few people understand how paper converting works unless you work in the paper industry. The process involves taking the raw paper to create a finished product, such as a book or a magazine. 

The majority of papers are made from pulp or wood fibers. The pulp undergoes boiling, bleaching, staining, and flattening. It’s dried to yield a web or a continuous sheet of paper. 

When Paper Converting Starts? 

After yielding a web, it’s rolled into large rolls. These rolls can weigh up to 13,00 pounds. Most printing presses can only run smaller rolls. Hence, they have to be cut down. 

And this is where paper converting starts. 

In other words, paper converting involves transforming large paper rolls into smaller sizes with different aspects. 

There are different size printing presses. Hence, changing the width and diameter of a roll is necessary so it can be used by a printing press. 

There are two types of paper converting processes. The most common one being used is a rewinder. Here, it takes large rolls of paper to unwind it using a series of blades. The paper is cut into smaller widths to produce more manageable rolls. 

Another method of paper converting is the precision paper roll saw. This method involves cutting the entire roll into smaller rolls. It doesn’t need to unwind or rewind the paper. 

The resulting rolls can be used in various printing processes. Companies can still adjust the sizes to fit into different printing presses. 

In other words, paper converting takes the paper and converts it into another finished product. The paper converting industry has been around for decades and it has become a million-dollar industry. 

The converted materials are used in manufacturing in various markets. Newspaper, magazines, bags, pieces of paper, boxes, and others went through the converting industry. 

The industry has played a significant role in every industry. Without it, the paper produced from the trees won’t have an actual or practical use. 

The next time you pick up a box from Amazon or read your favorite newspaper or magazine, you can be sure that a part of it was converted or it underwent paper conversion. 

Need Paper Converting Machines? 

Pacific Upholstery Supply has the necessary equipment to convert paper to different purposes or uses. Their paper converting machine has a wide slitting capacity of 2” to 180” and a roll diameter capacity of 5” to 36”. Its core range size is 2” to 6”. 

With that kind of equipment, they’re more than ready to handle different paper converting needs. 

In addition to the general paper converting approach, Pacific Upholstery Supply also offers sheeting and paneling, as well as perforated lengths on rolls. 

Plus, they provide convert services for plastics, traditional woven textiles, and specialty fabrics, among others. 

Need to Convert Rolls of Paper into Different Sizes? 

You can trust Pacific Upholstery Supply to provide you with the paper converting needs for your business. No matter what the size of the project is, they can convert it into a desirable size.

If you need more help with paper converting services, please visit Pacific Upholstery Supply or contact them to learn more: (323) 321-2222. 

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