Tummy Tucks Surgeon’s Recommendations to Prevent Weight Gain After the Procedure

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Tightening and toning the abdominal area are the main goals of a tummy tuck surgeon performing the procedure. This procedure is a great solution to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure. In that way, you can gain a slimmer waistline. But it’s not a weight loss treatment. Rather, it’s a procedure that gets rid of flabby skin. 

What Will The Tummy Tuck Surgeon Do During The Procedure? 

This surgical operation aims to remove excess fat and skin from your midsection. The surgeon will tighten underlying muscles and tissues. The remaining skin is repositioned to provide a toner result. However, one of the main pieces of advice of our plastic surgeons to our patients is to avoid gaining weight. The reason for this is that gaining over ten pounds after this procedure can easily lead to excess fat accumulation in the stomach. In that case, stretch marks will return. But you can prevent it from happening by following the tips below.

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