The Truth Behind Chaga Mushrooms

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Found in the regions of Siberia, particularly in northern parts such as Khakassia and Irkutsk, Chaga mushrooms are a black fungus that grows on the bark of the birch tree. They have commonly been used by Siberian people as herbal medicine, and are used to treat a variety of conditions. Modern mushrooms are collected from areas that are distant from radioactive substances and pollution. As the more remote the location, the less likely it is to pick up any unwanted substances. The dedication to collecting true Chaga and opposing its false cousins is the reason why Sayan Chaga offers the best health benefits from our mushrooms.

True and False Chaga

As the popularity of this mushroom has grown, there have been a number of attempts to grow the mushroom artificially. Known as cultured Chaga, this mushroom is typically grown on rice or other non-birch plants. This may harm the quality of the finished product. There are also less scrupulous sellers who harvest mushrooms which are related to the Chaga, but do not have the same quality when they are made into tea. For example, Suvel is an outgrowth of the tree which sometimes resembles the Chaga, but isn’t a mushroom and therefore does not have the beneficial qualities of the mushroom.

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Ways to Consume Chaga

You may be uncertain what type of Chaga product will be best for you. The traditional tea, which has been popular for centuries and used by Russians, may not be to your taste. Secondly, you have to let extract in the tea brew and seep out into the water before you can drink. This can be time-consuming. If you want to have Chaga in the morning there are other alternatives, such as the extract itself, or a type of instant coffee made from ground mushroom.

Buy From Us

Regardless of what type of product you choose, consuming Chaga mushrooms is the best way to start your day. Enjoy greater health benefits and start to de-stress by taking this product every morning before you leave for work. You could really notice a reduction of tiredness and other signs of fatigue when you consume this product. So start reaping the benefits today by reaching out to Sayan Chaga. Just call (800) 780-0994 to leave a message and receive a response within 24 hours.

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