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The internet and digital marketing industry are both in an ever-changing landscape. There’s more information, better practices, and more valuable tools to implement each week. Keeping up with this fast-paced industry is crucial to your business and success. That’s where our team of certified individuals can help out. Here’s the latest news from our SEO experts.

Google’s Hosting an SEO Workshop

Google is going to be hosting an official SEO workshop on March 9th, 2022. This is excellent news as we all get to learn from the leading experts within the industry. However, this release has caused a bit of backlash and concern within the industry.

The main concern is whether or not third-party companies are involved. Many industry professionals are left wondering if this is a behind-the-scenes type of deal or if Google is allowing one of its partners to give a simple slideshow. As of now, only time will tell.

Improving Internal Link Structure is a Must

SEO experts are finding that improving internal link structure is crucial to a site’s overall ranking. Many marketers believe external links are the key to success. However, external links may not always solve the issue of getting your site ranked.

Extraneous links can actually cause web pages to lose value in terms of ranking. To alleviate this, many industry professionals are suggesting cleaning up the internal links on sites. Cleaning up internal hyperlinks can help you rank pages that are more important to your business.

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