The Importance of Non Woven Material Suppliers for a Successful Business

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For an upholstery business or furniture-making business, the fabric is the center of attention. It’s the lifeblood of the industry. Because of that, manufacturers need to find the right woven and non woven material suppliers

Dealing with the right supplier can mean the difference between having a successful business and a struggling one. 

Non Woven Material Suppliers Offering Reasonable Prices 

When picking a fabric supplier, upholsterers consider price as the topmost important. Upholsterers should consider the cost per square foot of fabric. 

But the price is just a piece of the puzzle. The quality of the non woven is just as important. 

There’s no use paying for an expensive non woven but the quality is subpar. Inferior fabrics can just affect the result and the relationship with the clients. 

For that reason, experienced non woven suppliers are careful in creating their fabrics. They are a vital component in building furniture or upholstery making. 

And it’s one reason Pacific Upholstery Supply focuses on both consumer and industrial fabrics. 

It creates industrial-grade materials without charging its exorbitant fees. 

Throughout its more than 70 years in the business, Pacific Upholstery Supply serves its customers and provides them with high-quality non woven fabrics without ruining their customers’ budget. 

The Use of Spunbond Polypropylene 

It’s an ideal fabric for industrial applications because of its exceptionally strong quality. It also gives the fabric uniform fiber distribution. 

This fabric has low shrinkage quality. It also has great heat resistance and high tensile strength. 

The Breathable Needlepunch Polypropylene Non Woven 

It’s a non woven fabric with plenty of applications. This non woven fabric can be used in the hospital, agricultural, car, and shoe industries. It’s sturdy and reliable and exceptionally hygienic. 

Even though non wovens are sturdy and offer various applications, they can still damage the company’s reputation if they are not of superior quality. 

Furniture makers and upholsterers in the US are finicky when it comes to picking the right suppliers. 

They know that the wrong company will just hamper their relationship with their clients who only want the best product for the price they pay for. 

And this is the priority of Pacific Upholstery Supply. Client satisfaction is and always has been its first priority. 

Their clients rely on the company to help them in creating the best workmanship for their customers and main superior quality. 

The company guarantees outstanding quality products and excellent customer satisfaction. But despite that, the company has managed to offer its products and services at affordable rates. 

Many suppliers in the US would overcharge their customers to make their products valuable. However, they don’t consider the materials they use. 

But when choosing Pacific Upholstery Supply to be their partner, they are sure to get the highest quality materials for the most reasonable prices. 

Non Woven Material Suppliers

What Types of Non Woven Fabrics are Available? 

Pacific Upholstery Supply is one of the few non woven material suppliers that carries spun bond polypropylene, spun bond polyester, flatbed polyester, needle punch polypropylene, and needle punch polyester, and many others. For a complete list of products, please contact: (323) 321-2222.

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