The Breathable Polyester Fabric

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Polyester fabric is a popular type of fabric made using polyester yarns. It’s the result of combining terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. 

Characteristics of Polyester Fabric 

This popular fabric is quick-drying, making it a popular option in making clothing for outdoor use. It can resist wrinkling, stretching, and withering. 

It’s durable and can withstand various chemicals. Despite it being durable, it’s strong and lightweight. 

And most of all, it’s breathable. It’s one of the characteristics that consumers look for when shopping for fabric. 

When a fabric is breathable, it lets air flow through the fiber easily. With that in mind, it dries up the sweat quickly. It also provides a cooler feeling. 

This famous fabric is a favorite among upholstery makers and active clothing manufacturers because of its breathable structures. 

With its breathability, it can repel water. Thus, when worn, it makes the sweat evaporate quickly. Since the water doesn’t stay in the fabric, it produces a relaxing feeling if the wearer is sweating profusely. 

But it doesn’t remove the sweat from the skin. Rather, it just repels the water or sweat. Since it’s absorbent, it doesn’t soak up the fabric. 

An Upholstery Fabric

This is a strong fabric that can withstand daily use on a sofa. But there are several polyester fabric options available for the sofa, such as tweed, twill, and textured. 

Compared to cotton, it can hold its shape better. Thanks to its fibers that give the fabric its resilience. 

Another reason upholstery makers are opting for it is that it prevents that saggy look that’s common in some sofas when they age. 

How Durable is Polyester Sofa? 

It depends on its fiber content. If it’s microfiber, then it’s 100% polyester. 

However, other sofas can be made with synthetic fibers and polyester blends. But there are natural fibers, which are the greener choice. However, they are more prone to staining and fading. 

When a satin finish polyester is used in a sofa, it tends to be prone to snagging and punctures. For that reason, it’s not advisable to be used as a home sofa where there are pets. 

Looking for Upholstery Fabric 

At Pacific Supplies, we provide various types of fabrics for upholstery. 

When buying upholstery fabric, the thread count matters. The higher the count, the more tightly it’s woven the fabric. Thus, it makes upholstered furniture durable. 

Is Cotton Fabric Ideal? 

It’s a natural fiber that has good resistance to wear. It can also withstand fading and peeling. However, it can’t resist wrinkling, fire, and soil. 

When a cotton blend is used, it can be sturdy, making it a family-friendly fabric. 

We can help you find the best fabric for your upholstery project. Our company has been the supplier of many upholstery makers in California. 

When it comes to choosing the right fabric, it still depends on the functionality of the piece. There are several options to choose from when you visit our shop at 325 E. Alondra Blvd. Gardena, CA 90248. 
Visit us today or contact us at (323) 321-2222 to know more about the polyester fabric we offer.

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