The 5 Methods Used by Commercial Fisheries

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The great thing about fishing is that it is an activity that can be enjoyed by all. For some fishermen, however, it turns into a vocation, and they utilize commercial fisheries to generate income. While you probably haven’t put much thought into how the fish at your local market are caught, the truth is that several methods are used by commercial and industrial fishing operations. Read on to learn more about the methods that are commonly used by commercial fishermen.


If you are looking to catch a high volume of fish in a short period, you would be hard-pressed to find a method better than netting. A time-tested and efficient commercial fishing practice, netting is used to catch roughly 80 percent of fish brought to market. 

There are several different netting techniques worth knowing, but the most common method is called “purse seine fishing.” In this practice, a boat or commercial fishing vessel will use radar to locate a school of fish, then a net is lowered into the water via a small crane. You can think of this as using a large drawstring bag – once the fish are in the net, it is cinched and raised out of the water.

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