What Speeding Ticket Lawyers in Onondaga Can Do For You

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No one is ever thrilled to be pulled over by the police and issued a speeding ticket. It may be a case where you were indeed speeding and got caught or it could be an error on the part of the police, but the fact is once you have the ticket you need to do something about it. Just ignoring it will not make it go away; in fact, it will just make things worse for you. You could certainly show up in court on your own to try to defend yourself, but you might be much better served if you hired a lawyer instead. You might be surprised to learn just what speeding ticket lawyers in Onondaga can do for you.

Reduce Possible Punishment

If you received a ticket and are not going to able to prove with any certainty that you did not deserve to get one on your own, having a lawyer on your side can make a big difference for you. An experienced lawyer will know how to talk to the courts and the prosecutor on your behalf to perhaps get the speeding ticket reduced to a non-moving violation or some other type of violation. You may still have to pay a fine and court fees, but it might be significantly less than what you would have to pay if found guilty of the original charge. This will also help to keep points off of your license and keep your insurance rates from rising, saving you money.

What Speeding Ticket Lawyers in Onondaga Can Do For You

Get Your Case Dismissed

There may even be instances where having good speeding ticket lawyers in Onondaga can help you to get your case dismissed. Experienced lawyers will know just what to look for on your ticket to see if there have been any errors on the ticket or it was not filled out correctly. They can also look into the potential of malfunctioning equipment used to clock your speed or improper training on the device, both of which may serve to help get your case dismissed.

Finding Out if They Can Help

The only way you will really know if speeding ticket lawyers in Onondaga can help you is to contact one in the first place. Take the time to reach out to Team Green Lawyers at 315-424-8326 so you can make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your case and see what potential it may have.

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