Sam Solakyan the Entrepreneur and Community Leader

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Sam SolakyanSam Solakyan started from humble beginnings and easily portrays the American dream. He is a unique American whose people decided to move to the US in 1984, nearing the separation from Armenia. They had a dream of getting to be well known in the clamoring city of Los Angeles, them two being developing entertainers. Solakyan never felt outlandish of his desire to transform into a productive business visionary, however this went with loads of testing times. His gatekeepers worked for stretched out periods to direct family support.

Sam was not left behind in this arduous Endeavor, putting his young foot forward while still extraordinarily energetic. He took a shot at house errands at home avidly yet furthermore ensured the stock room of a close-by grocery store stayed shining clean. Solakyan similarly practiced approach to portal enticement and saved cash at whatever point he could, which he in the end used for acquiring a pager stall that indicated his first theory. He was just fourteen starting now, however pushed on with his entrepreneurial soul, working dependably while in like manner looking for after his higher education that engaged him fork over the obliged stores.

Solakyan kept getting up and go with his business and worked with an association for radiology, which served as an opening into the field which later on would exceptionally shape his future. Sam dispatched his own association in the wake of getting exceptionally charmed by the achievements of helpful development. This step arranged for the 2003 origination of Global Holdings Inc. Sam the molded four additional genuine helpful firms. They join Global Pharmaceuticals, Vital Medical Services, Paramount Management Services and Vital Imaging.

Sam Solakyan has moreover kept up journey for yet another dependable vitality, affecting the lives of others within the gathering to enhance things as an eventual outcome of his entrepreneurial accomplishment. He has made liberal responsibilities to different adjacent relationship among them Serve the People and Glendale Healthy Kids. These affiliations have helped pass on free and cut down social protection cost for adolescents without obliging assurance. As well, it has upheld the transport of school supplies, sustenance and diverse essentials to vagrants. Mr. Solakyan has given individual sponsorship obliged quickly by demolished youth generosity of Filipino Children’s Foundation. He similarly remains a vocal Project Save a Child advocate. This vital operation discovers and rescues children compelled into sexual enslavement. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has of result subsequently praised Sam for his steadfast reinforce and oversaw responsibilities towards their attempts.

Sam Solakyan developed Global Holdings at age 21 as a business for human administrations guiding and advancing. He has acquired specialists in fields like diagnostics and advancement and helped recuperating focuses, therapeutic social occasions close by remedial philanthropies in adding to their associations. While doing this, he moreover kept searching for techniques for developing his own specific business and instantly bobbed in at the possibility of getting an imaging core interest. Key Imaging Inc, under orientation of Solakyan, has rose at the present time the greatest MRI organizations supplier within California, having 18 imaging core interests. Sam got up to speed this move by securing an entirety of 13 unique helpers. He communicates that things tend to happen quickly if one sees the right timing to go about at the present time.

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