How to Process an Aircraft Registration Online

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If you have a passion for aviation, owning your own airplane may be the culmination of a lifelong dream. Since you were a child, you may have gazed up at the sky, hoping that one day you would be in the cockpit of your very own aircraft. If you are in a position to convert that dream into a reality, you are undoubtedly in a fortunate position. Of course, finding the right plane may take a bit of work. You will likely need to peruse a ton of print and digital listings for airplanes for sale. Once you do locate the plane of your dreams, however, you can give it a proper inspection and negotiate a fair price with the seller. Once the necessary funds change hands, you may find yourself holding the keys to your very own aircraft. While you will understandably be eager to get your new bird up in the air, you will first need to complete an aircraft registration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Read more about aircraft registration at National Aviation Center.

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