The Benefits of Same-Day Specimen Delivery for Healthcare Providers

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The medical specimen has an expiration. A stool specimen, for instance, needs to be processed in less than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it won’t be viable for a certain examination. That’s why when you need a medical courier service, you would want a company that offers same-day specimen delivery or expedite service. After all, time is vital when it comes to delivering the medical specimen. 

Who Can Benefit from a Medical Courier Service with Same-Day Specimen Delivery? 

Virtually, any healthcare provider needs it. Hospitals, for instance, require rapid testing and diagnosis. If the hospital doesn’t have the necessary equipment to process the specimens, it will need to hire a medical courier to deliver the specimens to another healthcare facility for testing. Remember that a live sample has a short shelf life. Thus, time is of the essence in this scenario. With same-day delivery, it ensures that doctors will get the information they need to properly diagnose their patients. 

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