Google Analytics Includes Search Console Report

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Google introduced a few updates to Google Analytics to make webmaster’s life a lot easier. Recently, Google replaces search engine optimization report on Google Analytics with a search console report.

The search engine optimization report found under the Acquisitions tab will be gone. Instead of such report, you’ll see a search console report. Under that tab, you will see Google Analytic and Google Search Console metrics.

What does it mean to the webmaster?

In addition to impressions, average position and CTR, you will see behavior and conversion metrics. These parameters will include bounce rates, conversion metrics, sessions and eCommerce data. Each report will display your organic search traffic performance when it’s measured using those elements.

Because the data are joined at the landing page part, countries, devices and landing pages will show data for Search Console and Google Analytics.

Although the data are displayed in parallel, you can’t find all features of Google Analytics on Search Console data. All combined reports are only application to Google Analytics data.

Google Search Console now allows you to connect your multi-platform sites and track your combined visibility report in a search. This new feature is known as the Property sets. You can find it under the Search Analytics section using Search Console.

It means that you can combine all websites, mobile sites, and apps in a single entity. It’s also possible to join HTTP or HTTPS version of the same site or connect multiple apps.

To set it up, you will need to create a property set. Then, add those properties that you want to track. It takes a few days for all data to be collected.

Google Analytics Includes Search Console Report

AMP Filter on Search Analytics

Google also rolled out additional feature on Search Analytics report by including an AMP (accelerated mobile page) filter. To use this feature, you need to go to the Search Appearance option on the filter selection. From there, you can find queries brought by mobile searchers who found your AMP content.

Another new feature introduced by Google is the Rich Cards markup. It’s a new search result format that uses, and it’s based on a rich snippet. The primary goal of this new feature is to make mobile results more engaging. Currently, this new format will only show when you’re searching for recipe and movie review posts.

All of these new features will make it easier for you to know more about your site visitors and find out whether or not your organic SEO efforts are working.

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