The Easy Way for Documenting a Vessel

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The day has finally arrived where you are signing the last of the paperwork and taking possession of your first large pleasure vessel. This is a day you have looked forward to for a long time, and you are anxious to get your boat and get it out into the water to enjoy your first sailing adventure with your friends and family. Before you get your boat in the water, you need to consider how you are going to register your boat. You can register with your state if you like, or you can become part of the federal registry that exists with the Coast Guard. If you want federal documentation, you should know that there is an easy way to document a vessel today with Vessel Documentation Online.

Documenting with the Coast Guard

In the past, the only method available to you for federal documentation was to go directly to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has paperwork and applications you will need to fill out, and there is supporting documentation that you must provide to them along with the application if you want it approved. The problem has always been that the Coast Guard does not allow for electronic submission or payment for a first-time application for documentation. You must mail in your paperwork, and if you make a mistake, the application is rejected and returned to you, meaning you need to start over and resubmit everything.

documenting a vessel

Documenting Your Boat is Easier Now

Thankfully there is an easier way for documenting a vessel today. You can come to Vessel Documentation Online and submit your applications to them. They are an outside agency that makes applications available online so that you can fill out everything quickly and easily. You can submit your forms to them electronically, along with any supporting documents. Their staff will check your application for omissions or errors, so they are sure everything is correct. They then pass it on to the Coast Guard for you for approval.

Start Enjoying Your Vessel

If you hate the idea of waiting on the process of documenting a vessel before you can start enjoying your boat, make things faster and more efficient for yourself and use Vessel Documentation Online’s services. Start the process today and fill out your application online on their website so you can shorten your wait and make your dream of sailing your boat happen 

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