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Under U.S. law all waterborne craft must be registered, and this comes under the remit of the Coast Guard portal. It is basically a matter of filling out the correct forms. If you are a first time owner with a new boat it is a fairly simple affair because just about all the details requested are on the documentation you receive when you buy the vessel. What you need to add are personal details that are a matter of public record. Details that are basic to most applications when obtaining an official license or any other type of documentation.

The trick is to understand what the forms require. Most official and government forms are loaded with legal jargon that, although easily comprehensible to those who deal with them every day, most of us can find bewildering and confusing. Registering, licensing or gaining certification of marine vessels is no exception. Filling out the forms for small pleasure boats with one designated owner is probably the easiest, but not if you make a mistake on the form.  A misspelled word or wrong number can delay or stop your application in its tracks. It is the same with the wrong or missing documentation. The proud new boater, eager to get his or her craft on the water and enjoy it, may find their pleasure delayed because of one simple mistake. There is usually provision for wrong documentation, giving you time to send the correct paperwork, but one simple typo can stop your application dead. Then it is back to square one. To avoid any of these problems it is better to put your applications in the hands of experts, instead of trying to handle it yourself. Especially when trying to wade through the red tape that is the coast guard renewal documentation.

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