Do You Need a Lawyer to Sell Your Real Estate?

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Sell Your Real Estate?

Selling your home or real estate is going to be one of the largest transactions of your life and perhaps one of the most meaningful you are ever involved in. Do you need a lawyer to sell your real estate? You want to make sure everything about the transaction goes as well as possible from start to finish so that you can make the sale and the profit that you want. More people today are trying to take on the entire process on their own to eliminate intermediaries and save money on fees in the process. This has left many people to question whether or not they need a real estate lawyer at a firm like Gomez and Simone.

Why You Want a Lawyer

Yes, you can try to sell your home or property without the need of a real estate attorney, but there are some conditions that you want to consider before you go this route. It can certainly save you some money, but the savings you see is really dependent on the services that you may need a lawyer for. Certain situations will call for a lawyer, such as:

  • Required by Law – Certain states have a legal requirement that you use a lawyer for the closing of the sale, while others have requirements that a lawyer needs to be used for other aspects of the process. You want to turn to your state commission on real estate to see what the legal requirements are where you live.
  • Trust – As much as you want to have faith in the person, persons or corporation that is buying your home or property, there are times where you may worry about the process or if they will try to back out at the last minute. Having a lawyer to advise you during this time and representyou can save you some headaches.
  • Foreclosures – Things can get complicated if there is a foreclosure process involved with the sale. A lawyer can be there to help you iron out the details and make sure everything gets done legally.
  • Complicated Sales – There are some sales that have more complex issues involved, such as if you are selling along with someone who is not a family member, if you are selling a home that is part of a homeowner’s association or if you are helping the seller obtain a mortgage. Complicated sales bring about difficult issues that need to be clearly understood. When you have a lawyer on your side, it can help to smooth all of this over.

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Avoid Mistakes

Do you need a lawyer to sell your real estate? While there may not be a legal requirement to have a lawyer where you are located, it is still a good idea to have one that can look over everything you are about to sign and point out any potential issues with your sale, so you do not make a mistake. In many situations, the lawyer’s fees are just a small percentage of the total sale, and the investment in sound legal advice can be well worth it to you so you can avoid problems.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Sell Your Real Estate?

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