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Every piece of glass art that David Graeber makes begins with a good story. Whether he’s in the mood to pay tribute to a former professor, remember a family member, or document the life journey of a silkworm, each of his works aims to relay a personal reflection or his love of nature.

Graeber, born in New Jersey, has grown into part of a South Jersey glassmaking tradition that dates back to the 1700s. Here, glassworkers were eventually recognized for their skill in creating glass paperweights.  They began to incorporate glass designs into the traditional community values of home, church and country.

Graeber’s Apprenticeships | Vail & Stankard

In the late 1980s, Graeber had the opportunity to act as an apprentice for George Vail, a local artist and professor, who introduced him to  to woodworking, architectural reconstruction, commercial art, and forensic sculpture. Graeber met internationally acclaimed glassblower Paul Stankard in 1980, considered the father of modern glass paperweights, who invited him to work as an assistant. The opportunity afforded Graeber time and space for creative freedom. After years of encouragement from Stankard and other mentors, Graeber finally established himself as an independent glass artist in 2009.

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