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Your beauty therapist will give you many reasons to why you skin is not responding as expected to their creams. In some severe cases it may necessitate a visit to a dermatologist who too may not be able to identify the cause. They will give you lame excuses that your skin is too sensitive or this and that doesn’t go well with your body. Such big clinical vocabulary may scare the hell out of you and swear never to use beauty products again. But deep inside you know that you maintain to set yourself aside by having a soft and elegant skin. You will shift brands in an effort to ensure that you skin maintain that youthful appearance all in vain. This is the time to let go the modern things and look back in the past for the solution to your skin.

The Secrets of the Island is the ideal skin cream for you. Originally made for fisherman, low class you might say, this salt scrubs from Bahamas are the ultimate solution to your skin problem. Many years ago, the natives used to apply the cream to their hands after long hours of fishing to soothe them. It was made using a special recipe which has been passed over generations. The salt has no side effects and has been known to work very effectively. Since the natives have for centuries relied on this recipe for years, why not give it a try.It is time to scrap away all those beauty products in your bathroom with a salt scrub. The recipe is basically the same as the one used in the islands with only a few improvements to make it more appealing. The quality has been maintained in order to give our customers a new experience in all matters. The salts come in different styles to cover a wider variety of our target customers. We have packed them in different quantities to make sure that all our clients are covered. We also have different brands such as fall apple salt scrubs, deluxe island getaway among others which at the end of the day will all serve the same purpose; to ensure that your skin is well protected.

After years of trial and error, it is time to go natural. Stop using those artificial cheap beauty products with so many promises and stick to one natural product which has been in use for many years. There should be no second guessing when it comes to matters involving your beauty. Your skin should not be used for trial run when new products are being introduced in the market. The prices for our products are no measure for the value of the skin care that you will get. Despite the challenges of the lab products which have filled the market, we have managed to create a strong brand which is trusted by people of all walks of life. Try Secrets of the Island salts scrubs today and the experience that centuries old touch on your skin.

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