Arizona Sun Screens: Do You Know the Sunscreen Labels?

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The Arizona Sun screens have different labels. But do you know what those labels are? You might find it confusing to see those terms on your sunscreen. But we’re here to help. 

Decoding the Arizona Sun Screens Terms 

SPF is a common term that you see on a sunscreen label. It has specific meaning because it comes from standards that the US FDA has created when it tested sunscreen. 

When you see a broad-spectrum sunscreen, it means that the product can protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen can prevent skin cancer, sunburn, and early signs of skin aging. 

The SPF number can indicate how well it can protect you from sunburn. In other words, SPF can also stand for sunburn protection factor. 

Now, the number that follows SPF can cause another confusion. But the number is only an indication of how much UVB light the product can filter out. 

If you have a sunscreen product with SPF 15, then it means that it can filter out 93% of the sun’s UV rays. 

On the other hand, an SPF 30 can filter out 97% of the sun’s rays. That’s why the higher the SPF is, the better protection it can provide. 

Unfortunately, you can’t find a product that can 100% filter out the sun’s UV rays. For that reason, you must wear sun-protective clothing. 

Don’t just depend on the sunscreen protection that you apply to your skin. 

Thus, when you go out to the beach or go hiking with your friends, make sure that you use a long-sleeved shirt. But ensure that it’s lightweight. 

You should also wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with UV protection. 

There are also clothes with ultraviolet protection factors or UPF labels. 

How About Waterproof Sunscreen? 

There are sunscreen products promoted as waterproof sunscreen. 

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as waterproof sun protection. The reason for this is that sweat and water can wash away the sunscreen from your skin. 

In that case, the FDA prohibits manufacturers from claiming that their products are waterproof. 

However, there are water-resistant sunscreen products. 

This type of sunscreen is offered at Arizona Sun. It’s not waterproof but water-resistant sunscreen simply means how long it can stay on your wet skin. 

The water-resistant sunscreen at Arizona Sun had gone through testing before it earned the water-resistant designation. 

When you have a water-resistant sunscreen, it means that the protection can last for 40 minutes in the water. If that time lapses, you have to re-apply. 

Some products, however, can stay effective even for 80 minutes in the water. But you still need to re-apply after that time. 

Arizona Sun screens

When you apply this product, it can only last so long on your skin. Thus, the rule of thumb here is to re-apply every two hours. After toweling off, you need to apply it again. 
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